Our Expertise

Wahsun Pharma and our partners in manufacturing located in Zhejiang Xianju equipped with advanced equipment and technology. The production system is run in strict accordance with cGMP regulations & complies with the highest standards, which ensures our capability to manufacture and develop a wide range of fine products.

One of our popular services is Custom Manufacturing. Based on various final products, we customize APIs and Intermediates to suit customers’ need. We keep our customers competitive by providing our value-added services. 

The virtue of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, quality assurance system, and the initiative & dedication of our well-trained engineers and technicians, enhance our expertise as a leading one-stop supply and services provider for pharmaceutical & chemical products. 

Facility and Instruments
Vessel size: 
from 50 L to 5000 L in glass-lining or stainless steel.
Reaction temperature: 
- 78°C – 300°C.
Reaction pressure: 
- 0.0995 Mpa – 20 Mpa
UV & IR NMR (300 MzH)


Wahsun Pharma owns a R&D centers which is located in Zhejiang. They are responsible for developing intermediates and performing tests for manufacturers. 
The highest standard of quality and customer satisfaction are two main objectives of Wahsun Pharma, which are achieved by constant research, advanced methodologies, modern instruments, as well as the highly trained and dedicated staffs.
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